SOLD the Charismatic Tjalline Fan't Westerskar.  Congratulations Wanda

Tjalline was born in 1998 and has had 5 foals. She has a lovely trot and solid canter. She has been Parelli trained and has been ridden Western and English. Currently I ride her without a bridle, just a rope halter.  Prior to me getting her she was ridden in the Feather Dance Friesian Show in Oregon USA. She was ridden in dressage courses as well and knows the proper cues. She would need a refresher as I have not asked her to do any of those tasks since I have had her.

She is 16 hands, long backed and has a very modern Friesian look.
Tjalline is FHANA and CFHA registered.

Tjalline has helped with weddings, mostly as the brides horse. She has a quiet disposition, watches her "human" and does not react badly in a spook. She likes new situations and goes into them with interest. She is very friendly, often waiting at the gate saying "pick me". She self loads into the trailer and is great for the farrier and vet.

In Parelli language Avita is a left brain extrovert.  She knows the 7 games and is very quiet when you saddle her up to ride her. She is a nice horse to ride bareback too, and she has been ridden sidesaddle as well.

Prior to a few months ago she had not had a bit in her mouth since I got her in 2011. She was always ridden with a rope halter. In the video you will see I removed the bridle and switched to the rope halter while on her back. She is a lovely mare.

Tjalline had a colt for me May 28, 2013 but I have not bred her after that.



Tjalline is a wedding, Aug 2014.

FHANA Registration papers for Tjalline Fan't Westerskar.