The story of the girls

Nitika was my first Friesian cross, and what a gal she is. She floats, she has energy, she is powerful and she has a quiet presence. You can see her story in Nitika Friesian Sport Horse Sold

Metina, my second Friesian cross was born May 12, 2007 sired by a Friesian stallion named Matthijs R.S, (Jorrit 363 x Ouke 313) and with Mekeezun as her dame. He can be seen at  Metina means "Born Under The Rising Moon" in a First Nations language. She has a small half moon on her forehead, the only white on her.  Metina has a lot of her sire in her, lots of hair, her mane and tail are thick and long, and her legs are also very thick and strong. Metina as a sweet personality and even though her dam died before she was 2 months old, Metina has come along quickly and is very balanced and quiet. She was a star at her inspection, getting a 7.2/8, and had the crowd all leaning forward when she trotted around the arena.  She is now sold and is the perfect partner to her human. For more info please click on this page. Metina Friesian Sport Horse SOLD

Avita arrived at Polecat Paints and Friesians on November 20th, 2008 after a 4 day ride in a slant load trailer. She stayed overnight in Buffalo and was treated with great kindness. On the following day Avita was running around in her own paddock meeting the boys and girls on the farm.  Avita was born on May 17, 2000 and is registered with FHANA and CFHA. Her registered name is Athena. (Jurjen X Abel 344).  She passed in 2022 of Mega-esophagus.

In the month of May 09, Avita started her training to be my trail horse. She took to the surcingle, bridle, bit and being driven with ease. After a week of driving off the halter she was switched to her bit. This caused a bit of problems, not sure which direction to turn when the reins were pulled, but after 3 lessons, she figured it out. Then the saddle was placed on her back, and it was a non-event. She walked and trotted well while being driven wearing the saddle. I rode her for the first time in July and she took to me being on her back with grace and dignity.  In November of 2009 she went to Ron Derksen in Fort Erie for further training.  This is the type of horse that makes a perfect trail horse, beautiful and smart!

She had me wrapped around her hoof, she knew when I left the house to come to the barn and would meet me at the gate, looking for the treat she knows she will get.
In May 2011, a new arrival came to the farm. Tjalline Fan't Westerskar (Gradus 356 X Peke 268) Her name is pronounced Cha leen ah. She was born in April 15 1998.  Tjalline is trained dressage, reining and has been in shows. She also is natural horse trained and has had 4 foals.  She is a lovely mare, very sensitive and has a real desire to please. She also loves having her poll scratched, do that and her eyes close in bliss.  She is registered with FHANA and CFHA. I have been riding her with a rope halter and bareback and she is finding it to be different than with a bridle. And we are having a lovely time.  Tjalline was sold Sept 27, 2017 and she passed away from colic late Dec 2022.  You can see her story on the sales page. /tjalline-friesian-mare-sold-sept-2017 

Both mares were bred to Gypsy Vanners and foaled May 2013. Tjalline had a colt, May 28 named Sakima. He has his own page if you wish to see him. Go to Sakima's story.  Unfortunately Avita had a still born filly who I named Manitouwabi (Spirit), May 27, 2013. 

Lovely Black Friesians