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Aanii  (Hello)

The dream catchers I create can be made for many reasons, but the main purpose is to create a memento that celebrates the lives of beloved horses currently in people's lives or those that have passed on. Often, the dream catchers I am asked to make are to be given as gifts and represent the love people have for their equine companions, past and present.

If you would like one of my unique creations for yourself or to give as a gift, please contact me at  trainwithnova@xplornet.ca

The information and materials I require from you are as follows:

1. If the horse is/was shod, the shoe should be cleaned and the nails removed. If shoes are no longer available or if the horse was barefoot, I will use one of my horses' shoes.

2. I require as large a quantity of full-length tail hair, pre-washed if possible, as you can send. Ideally, it should be cut off as close to the tail dock as possible, and the circumference should be double your thumb width in order to ensure I have a sufficient quantity to make a more interesting piece.

3. Send me as much additional information as you can on the horse, describing its breed, colour, age, any particular behaviours, special traits, and anything else you think may add character to the piece. Also, if you have riding colours or a colour scheme particular to the horse, please let me know.

I use beads and feathers to represent the information supplied to me. Each owner gets a written description of the meaning of the beads I have used, as well as what the feathers represent. Each dream catcher is created from dreams and with the help of my spirit guides. I honour our ancestors and ask for their guidance when creating the dream catcher, and I incorporate a bit of myself into each one I make. I also include a tobacco pouch in the parcel if it is mailed or delivered by hand.

Aho, all our relations.

I ask that you pay the postage and, if you wish, a donation for the materials used and for the time to make it would be appreciated. The dream catcher takes about 10-20 hours to make, and if you look at the pictures below you will notice they are not alike at all. The reason is that the dream catcher makes itself. The vision of it comes to me as I make it.

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Baamaapii  (Until later)
Nibiwa Nektoshayuk  (Many Horses)

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