Nitika was sold on Sept 13/09 to the Flax family in Ontario. Congratulations

Nitika is a lovely Friesian Sport horse mare, born March 24, 2003.  She is 16 - 2 hands tall, and looks like a warmblood.  Her sire, a Friesian named Ljibbes Valour is 17 hands. Her dam, Mekeezun, was 15 hands.

Nitika's training started when she was very young, and I did most of the ground work on her. At 10 months old I took her to the AWBA inspection in Owen Sound area. She was given a Red Preferred and could have had the AWBA brand but I declined it. At the age of two I took her for a four day Chris Irwin clinic north of Erin, where she was worked by Chris and his instructors. In her third year I did all the ground work, saddled her and did everything to prepare her for being ridden. I wanted to wait until she was four because she was growing quickly.

We have worked her in indoor and outdoor arenas through all w/t/c transitions and she does really well.

She trots with an extended trot and a natural collected head carriage. When she canters she gets the right lead quickly and moves very smoothly through the transitions to whoa.

She has a floating extended trot, which is wonderful to sit and it is easy to post her trot. She is long legged so even at her slowest walk she covers a lot of ground.

On July 26/09 Nitika and her rider were appraised by Franz Rombach of Germany. Here are his comments.

"Nitika ist eine kraeftige Warmblutstute, Rappe, 16.2 Hand Widerist Hoehe, mit gutem Exterieur und starkem Fundament. Sie geht taktklar in allen drei Grundgangarten mit schwungvoller Vorwaertsbewegung. Ihr Ruecken ist los und entspannt und schwingt, und garantiert dadurch einen weichen Sitz. Die Stute hat eine ehrliche professionelle Grundausbildung, geht willig am Zuegel and tritt ehrlich durch das Genick. Sie bestizt die Qualitaet und ist es wert weiterhin dressurmaessig ausgebildet zu werden bis zur hoeheren Klasse." --Franz Rombach, Deutsche Berufsreitlehrer (FN), July 26, 2009

"Nitika is a solidly built, black, warmblood mare, 16.2 hands with lovely conformation and a strong foundation. She moves correctly with forward impulsion in rhythm and cadence in all three basic gaits. Her back is relaxed and swings, providing a comfortable seat for the rider. The mare has had an honest basic training and moves willingly forward on the bit. She possesses the quality of a horse that deserves to be trained to the higher levels in dressage." --Franz Rombach, German National Federation Professional Riding Instructor, July 26, 2009.


Reitse (FPS) 197802721

Hearke Pref 19730241

Mark Pref 196402321

Gelbrich Model, Pref 1964149830

Pauliene Ster, Pref 196553150

Hotse 196102231

Asf Model Pref 195846830

Neiskje (FPS) 198791680

Lammert 197502601

Bjinse 197002411

Trynie Model, Pref 196754400

Pietrik 197765120

Dagho 197102471

Frisianna Pref 197258500

Dial Bar Hemp Moon (QH) 2,975,531

Dial Sompin (QH) 1,134,777

Ettabo (QH) 500,231

Certain Sompin' (QH) 943,057

Sheeza Bar Bugs (QH) 2,252,464

Bar Hamp (QH) 1,004,858

Georgia Bug (QH) 943,057

Mindy McCue (APHA) 180,443

Sir Mickey McCue (APHA) 86,217

Buck McCue JR. (APHA) 57,240

Blue Fisher (APHA) 45,636

Cherokee Shummer (APHA) 85,335

Cherokee War Chief (APHA) 3,594

Dee Bar Devil (APHA) 30,428

Nitika her photo's