How they are used

Rhythm Beads can be used for many things.

I generally use them on my horses to help hear their rhythm while moving through the gaits. It is a wonderful tool to help build a relationship with your horse when you can "see" what they are doing by the sound the beads and bells make.

To have your own set you will need to send me the measurement around the horses neck to the point of when there neck joins the chest. That little hollow.
And when draped over the neck allow the measurement to be above the withers so that it does not get in the way of the saddle.

On a Friesian you will need a longer set than your Q-horse as their necks are so long.

I put a silver ornament on the bottom at the centre generally a first nations image but if you prefer something else please let me know.

Also let me know the colours you wish to have. I also attach an alligator hook to hook it into the mane.

I also make bling for the mane forelock or even to attach to the bridle.
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The cost is $15, plus shipping. Payment can be made via the donation button on the Dream Catchers page.

Some pictures