Playful mare sold

Metina, daughter of Mekeezun and Matthijs RS, was sold Sept 2011. Congratulations Ashley.

Metina was born May 12, 2007. She had a rocky start, her dam, Mekeezun died when Metina was 6 weeks old.  But even though she was on her own, Metina thrived. She had an Aunty Pony named Scarlet, a companion filly named Alkira and an Uncle gelding named Equinox.

With all that help, she has grown up to be a lovely playful mare.

She has been started under saddle and is now working at W/T/C with her trainer in Erin, Ontario.  All these activities were greeted with the same calm behaviour that was in her mother and her father currently displays. She is now finished her training by Ron Chauvin of Circle Four Horsemanship Centre in Erin. 

Metina has a playful side too. She loves to play with the big exercise ball, orange cones, the turned-over water tank and pretty much everything she can get her teeth into.  Nothing scares her. The tarp is meant to be worn, the plastic bags go over her head, and the noisier the "scary object is" the better she likes it. In the Parelli language she is a Left Brain Extrovert.

She is currently 15'2 hands at the withers and is still growing. She has a 9 inch canon bone already, nice sturdy feet and a good solid body. She is black, with a small half moon on her forehead. She has inherited the Friesian look. Lots of mane and tail, feathers and the same textured hair of a true Friesian.  To see a few videos of Metina please click here and

She did very well at the FXR inspection in 2008 with a score of 7.2 out of 8.  Pictures are under the title inspection. Metina is registered with the CFHA, FXR and FSHR.

Metina is the half sister of the striking Nitika - you can see more of under the link 
Nitika Friesian Sport Horse SOLD

Metina is the last of her line, her dam passed away when she was born. Mekeezun made lovely foals.

Pedigree of Metina

Metina 20070150

Taken June 2, 2011

Jorrit 363 FPS 528004199611871

Nykle 309 FPS 528004198703091

Djurre 284, 528004198202841

Eefke, Model, 528004198375920

Anja, Ster PRef 528004188172260

Lammert 197502601

Jelsje, Ster 528004197460680

Annemiek RS FPS 124004200627360

Ouke 313, 928004198803131

Hearke 254, 528004197382541

Ema, Ster, Pref 528004197382541

Zola S. 528004399109950

Dirk 298, 528004198202981

Welmoed S, Ster 528004196070230

Dial Bar Hemp Moon (QH) 2,975,531

Dial Sompin (QH) 1,134,777

Ettabo (QH) 500,231

Certain Sompin' (QH) 943,057

Sheeza Bar Bugs (QH) 2,252,464

Bar Hamp (QH) 1,004,858

Georgia Bug (QH) 943,057

Mindy McCue (APHA) 180,443

Sir Mickey McCue (APHA) 86,217

Buck McCue JR. (APHA) 57,240

Blue Fisher (APHA) 45,636

Cherokee Shummer (APHA) 85,335

Cherokee War Chief (APHA) 3,594

Dee Bar Devil (APHA) 30,428

Photo's of Metina

Photo's of Matthijs RS

June 2, 2011 video