Mekeezun was born in 1996 and was registered under the APHA as Cue Dee Bar Hemp She died in 2007 from bowel cancer. Mekeezun was purchased January 2000 from Alberta. She had three foals for me, the first one is Shadows Moon Badger, son of Royal San Badger (Q-Horse). Shadow is born in 2001 and started as a barrel horse. In 2003 Mekeezun had Nitika, sire Ljibbes Valour (Friesian) and in 2007 she had Metina, sire Matthijs (Friesian).

Mekeezun was trained in reining and as a ranch horse. She was an affectionate mare who had an amazing personality. Some days it was worth just talking with her, other days, riding her was the right thing to do. She could turn on a dime much to the amazement of the cowboy who rode her a lot. She could also crow hop with the best of them. Her sense of adventure knew no bounds and she enjoyed going on trail rides all over the area. She made lovely babies but felt that motherhood was a waste of time and much preferred that the foals just "get a job and leave her alone".

On July 12, 2007 she walked across the Rainbow Bridge and is now frolicking through the forever fields. 


The Secret, in memory of Mekeezun
April 10 1996 to July 12 2007
by Annamaria Tadlock

My time's come my dear, 
As it comes for us all 
Hug me close one last time 
As I lay in my stall 
I feel you shudder, 
But there's no need to cry 
I'll tell you the secret of why horses die 
I go to a pasture that's 
far away and above, 
But know that we're forever 
bound by our love 
I'll make hoof prints to heaven 
So you'll find your way, 
Wear the path smooth to 
keep you from wandering astray 
I'll carry your guardian angel nearby, 
With my wings wipe the tears from 
your soul when you cry, 
If you're ever alone, 
Or your life's hard to lead, 
Close your eyes and remember 
Me, your eternal steed, 
Who awaits, at the gates 
to carry you home 
So the last journey you make 
Is not made alone 
On my golden hooves we'll gallop, 
And on silver wings fly, 
Yes, this is the secret 
Of why horses die.




I wrote this for Boomer, March 30, 2022.  On Nov 3, 2022 he died.  His death story is below this one.
On March 30, 1989 a colt was born. On his sires side, A firm Kiss, son on Affirmed, and on his dams side, Go Angel Bug, daughter of Bugs Alive in 75. They named him Luvyatildeendatime. He was purchased in 1992 by Russ Thomson, who still is his farrier. Russ named him Boomer as he reminded him of a boomerang. Russ barrel raced him and while running to home, he broke a hock. After a year of stall rest, he began his riding career again in western pleasure.
I purchased him July 15, 2000 with the intention of riding him on trails. Our first weekend together we spent 2 days camping and got to know each other very well.
Once I had my own farm, Boomer and Mekeezun came here to live. Mekeezun was Boomers sweet gal. After she died in 2007 you would see him standing by her grave. I always feel she is still here, watching and taking care of us all.
He has been the herd leader since I bought the farm, taking care of Mekeezun, Cloud who is now 22, Avita, deceased, Tjalline, living in NS, Sakima living locally, Nitika living in Eastern ON, Metina living locally and other people's horses that have lived here. Equinox, Pip, Raffe, , Aztec (long time friend), Alkira and Aztec Jr and others who stayed here over the years.
Boomer has the energy of a 20 year old, and the health as well. He has cushings and that is it. A lot more gray hair on his face now as the years pile up, but he still can gallop down the runway if I am late for dinner.
Boomer died from ticks shortly after I moved to NS.
Over the past week or so, Boomer slowed down his eating. He really was not that interested in food. He still greeted me when he saw me with a nice call, but just would not eat. I tried everything to entice him. Nothing worked so I called for a vet to come out and see what was happening. During the week I had taken his temp and he was a bit high, and then it dropped back to normal. But when the vet came it was 39.9. He also was lethargic, had an elevated heart rate and of course loss of apatite. Vet was going do a blood test for the normal things and I asked about ticks. So that was added. He had the parasite in his blood, not Lyme, but another tick problem. The vet gave his the antibiotic for it and as she started to give it to him he started to wobble. Then he pulled away from me and staggered down the slope to the fence line where he fell.
Within 4-5 minutes he was dead. The vet did not know what happened and neither did I.
The end diagnoses was that with his age and elevated heart rate he had a heart failure.  Cloud was in despair, he had lived with Boomer since he was 3, so for 20 years Boomer was in his life and now he was gone.  I ended up getting a horse on loan to be his companion.

Other friends

Eden, my 15 year old Belgium Shepherd who died on Jan 14/09 after two seizures and a stroke.
Freya, my Giant Schnauzer who died June 2007 from a tumour around her heart. She was 4 years old.
Pele and Litanya, two loving cats, Pele was 6 and Litanya was 1. Both died in 2007.
Isaac passed away after a long life in 2001.