Help with goal

As you gaze with interest at one of the sale horses, or, are thinking about a Gypsian foal and ponder the difficulties you might have in purchasing a horse, you might want to consider doing a bit of pre-work around your goals.  I have added as a link for you to work through. If the answer is to ask me about a sale horse or the unborn foal, then please Contact Us

To help with your thinking process, download the following document and work through the answers.  Time-goals-2011.doc

This is a goal setting document, using the SMAARRT concept.

Specific  (Start with "I will buy ....." (one verb only))
Measurable  (How will you know you have achieved your goal? Measurers are the keys to knowing you did. Must be tangible, $,% # or descriptive)
Achievable  (yes or no, if no, what do you have to do to make it achievable?)
Action List  (your to-do list)
Realistic (yes or no)
Relevant  (yes or no, relevant to your personal mission statement)
  (put an actual date in place when you expect the goal to be accomplished)