Welcome to Polecat's Paints and Friesians where I have a small breeding farm in Rockwood Ontario. The farm is located on 10 acres close to Guelph and Milton in lovely Rockwood Ontario, Canada. I offer pasture boarding so if you are looking for a nice mixed herd for your horse contact me. We don't have an arena here but we do have a nice riding area, 200x160 feet.

About the boarding situation here.
I currently have 1 boarder who lives with my herd of 3 horses, everyone lives outside 24/7/365. All horses are vaccinated yearly and have their feet done every 6 weeks by a well known farrier. We try to leave everyone barefoot, unless there are special reasons for shoes. They wear fly masks during the day in the spring to fall months, and the masks are removed at night, or when it rains. The horses eat off hay nets, hung from the fence line to limit waste and to decrease the dust and flying hay particles. The grain situation is based on need as well. Due to the poor hay quality over the last few years all horses get a supplement once a day. 

On my farm there are also 3 cats and 3 dogs, laying hens and a rooster, and lots of birds at the feeders.

I hope 2019 will be a wonderful year for you and that every wish is granted.

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A sample of Laura's Art

A sample of Laura's art

A sample of Laura's art