Wendy fan Aaksens (Estee) is a fantastic looking mare. 13 years old. Anne 340 X Melle 311 . 158 cm. She has very nice conformation. Beautiful head and eye, nice mane , great big thick tail. Clean fluid movement. She is a smaller mare with a sporty build.

Pretty mellow mare, is level-headed and doesn't seem to be bothered by much. Have ridden her in the arena and out. Have had her out in wind, rain, snow, around big machinery and cars, out in open fields, trails etc. She hasn’t ever run away , bucked , reared etc.. She bathes, clips, stands well for the farrier, She has been around sheep, cows, goats, dogs,

She was just at a trainer for a month for a tune up as she had been out to pasture for awhile. So she is ready to go! She rides western and English. She is a nice trail horse because she isn’t nervous about things ,she has a nice smooth easy to ride trot and canter. She has nice transitions, good stop, leg yields. The right rider could take her far!  She would be a great addition to anyone’s breeding program as she has the rare Age lines.

Sold to Norma in British Columbia, February 2013, Congratulations Norma

Wendy fan Aaksens "Estee"

Estee getting tacked up

At the trainers, W/T/C

Estee in field, good movement