Avita is her barn name, her registered name is Athena. She was born in CA, USA, May 17, 2000. I bought her in 2008 and trained her to ride with the help of a local trainer. She had one filly, born in 2008 who stayed in MN where I bought her from. I bred her in 2012 to a Gypsy Vanner. She had a still born filly May 27, 2013. She has not been bred since.

Avita is FHANA and CFHA registered.

In the Parelli language, Avita is a right brain introvert. She is shy, likes to be by herself, does not do well under stressful situations, and is a one person horse.  She is always watching where I am. I have taught her with the help of a dressage trainer to be ridden to a canter, all with a rope halter. If I were to describe her in one word it would be sensitive.

She is very receptive to being ridden, even after months off due to foaling and winter.  Avita has been ridden by a bride in a wedding, and also has been at weddings for the Brides Maids.  She trailers like a dream, stands for the farrier and the vet. She has a very thick mane and tail, and is more barque in nature than Tjalline.

Avita took to the bridle with no problem, after been ridden without one since I got her 6 years ago. The video was taken in June and you can see that she has a lovely trot and stands nicely for saddling.

As I do with all my horses, I had her blood work done in May 2016, her T4 (thyroid) was good as were most of the other items checked.  She did show up with a low level cushings and it has not affected her in any way.  The pills she gets cost $1.00 a day. So very low cost overall for a lovely mare.

You will find photo's below, and some under the wedding events page on this site. Avita in weddings

I am offering Avita for sale at 4000.00 Canadian obo. Price is so low due to the cushings.